As a would-be prom-queen, it is never too early to start searching for the perfect prom dress. There are so many designs, colors and sizes available just for you to choose from. From jaw-dropping bold designs to conservative dresses, all the dresses are beautiful and will most probably fit into your prom attire. You will be spoiled for choices because we are looking at traditional designs that are a guarantee to new trends that are ready for the red carpet. Either way, you are looking at star-quality designs that won’t let you down in any way.

To come up with the best dresses for your prom night, we have borrowed greatly from the catwalk so that you look like a queen while leaving a statement. We have all the prom dresses in San Antonio ranging from one end of the design spectrum to the other. Without any further ado, let us delve into the top trends for this year.

Metallic is Magnetic

Glittering tones of silver, gold, and bronze will leave your friends in awe and the men wondering why they didn’t ask you to be their date early enough. This is a celebrity trend that you can easily rock on this day and nail it. The look you end up with is alluring, modern, flattering and chic. With the metallic dress, you won’t have any issues accessorizing, it is all about choosing the right tone to compliment the dress.

Add a leg split, a plunging neckline or let it ride a bit higher and you are sure to set the red carpet on fire. Check the collection of metallic dresses in different tones and choose the right one for your night.

Dare to Go Open Back

Previously, you have had to expose a small part of your back timidly, but this night will allow you to take the plunger lower. The daring open back is the trend of the year. Celebrities, models and anyone who seeks to impress is going this way. Taking it lower is not flashy as it might seem; instead, you are telling your peers that you can be conservative yet flirty.

The dresses are made to give you this chance to explore your boldness while keeping your cool. These dresses also add a touch of vintage to the whole prom dress thing, making sure you leave everyone in your wake looking on in awe.

The secret to rocking this trend is to add some highlight to it. You can do this using your hair worn in a way that it gets noticed.

Get Retro

There is something in common between the upcoming prom dress collections with what Hollywood starlets choose every time going back in the day. The good thing about going into the past is that you will never lack inspiration. From top models to red carpet moments, you will find a dress that not only allows you to stand out from the crowd but also rock a timeless piece.

Think off the shoulder necklines, satin ball gowns coupled with classic hairstyles and glossy red lips. If you love retro, then these fashions were held on tight so that you use them for your upcoming prom party.

Start browsing our collections in this category, so that when prom night is neigh, you are ready to rock.

Are You Ready?

The fashion sphere isn’t a new concept when it comes to prom. Getting the tiara on that night will depend on how you choose a style and own it. We have a collection of all the prom dresses that you will need on this night. Your role is to look through the collection and pick what suits you.